Toxic, Exploitative, and Predatory – Unsplash Continues Their Race to the Bottom

Integrity. Do you remember when that meant something within the photography industry? It seems like a lifetime ago. We live in a world of consumption powered by greed and exploitation. We are in the midst of an all-out sprint to the bottom with our beloved industry at stake under the guise of community. Unsplash is at the helm of this ship and continues to devalue photography. The Unsplash Awards just finished their fifth installment and the company continued their exploitative quest for license grabs in exchange for exposure. Oh, and they promise to get your work seen by major brands, which is true. But, we have yet to see that pay off.

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Seriously, Is 500px Still Even Relevant to the Photography Community?

We can’t blame you if the recent 500px announcement is the first time you’ve heard from the photography community in a while

Photo sharing platform and photography community 500px has recently announced some major changes; the biggest of which involve shutting down its stock photo subsidiary 500px Marketplace and removing the option to license photos under the Creative Commons license. In place of the 500px Marketplace, the company began offering “a spectrum of premium and midstock-priced royalty-free imagery” directly and exclusively through Getty Images (worldwide) and Visual China Group (People’s Republic of China).

This begs the question: is 500px even relevant in the photo community anymore?

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