Ricoh Theta m15 Takes 360-degree Photos and Video in One Go

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Ricoh Theta m15 Product Image 2

Ricoh has updated its Theta 360-degree camera with video recording. The latest Ricoh Theta m15 is a little handheld shooter can take up to three minutes of omnidirectional video.

This is all thanks to the Theta’s super wide-angle lenses placed on the front and back of the device. Each of the lenses and cameras capture 180-degree images and put together they create a seamless 360-degree view of the world. Additionally the Theta comes with Wi-Fi built in and Ricoh promises the wireless transfer speeds are nearly two times faster than the outgoing model.

Exposure control with the Theta is entirely automatic, so just point in the general direction of your subject (it’s a super wide-angle camera after all) and press the button. The Theta has a tripod mount hidden under its base, letting you set it up for timelapses on something as simple as a Joby Gorillapod.

Between the new Ricoh Theta m15, HTC’s new RE camera, and Sony’s ever expanding line of QX cameras we wonder how many more of these handheld, smartphone-connected cameras will come out in the future.

The Ricoh Theta m15 will be out out this November for $299.99 in your choice of blue, pink, white, and yellow. Check out more images of the Theta after the break and you can see some sample images on Ricoh’s website.

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