Polaroid Opens “Fotobars” That Serve Photo Prints


I’m going to go out on a whim and bet that just about everybody has gigabyte upon gigabyte of stored photos just sitting there, confined to the dark storage space that is your hard drive(s). Polaroid wants to take that dark hole and make some prints out of them. They plan to open a chain of “Fotobars” which are essentially print shops designed specifically for our digital-obsessed age. Unfortunately, no alcohol, guys.

Instead of viewing your photos from a computer screen, you can take your collection of photos to a Fotobar where you can quickly transfer and edit them for print. The editing capabilities are of the simple and easy-to-fix variety, such as red-eye, brightness, contrast, and you can even slap on a filter to top it off. After that, you can choose from a variety materials on which to print your images, including wood, bamboo, or metal. Now, rather than going out to buy expensive art pieces or decor for your home, you can practically make your own.


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