Elsa Bleda Turns Cape Town into an Atmospheric “Zone” at Night

All photos by Elsa Bleda. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Johannesburg-based Elsa Bleda is among the photographers we keep an eye on for her surreal night strolls around cities glowing in neon. Today, however, we revisit one of her earlier sets, which is just as dreamy and colorful as her other night snaps. Here, she shows us around Cape Town in an atmospheric night stroll, where the mood is both dreamlike and cinematic. If you’re fond of shooting your town at night, we’re sure this is one approach you might find interesting.

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Elsa Bleda’s “Chinatown” Glows an Eerie Neon at Midnight

All images by Elsa Bleda. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Cities bathed in neon glow is certainly one of our favorite approaches to street photography and the neon trend itself, and we’re sure we share this with a lot of our readers. Today, we’re adding one more beautiful set to the batch: Johannesburg-based Elsa Bleda’s surreal snaps of her city’s Chinatown gleaming in eerie neon at midnight. If you’re looking for some inspiration for cityscapes or capturing your town’s very own Chinatown, this set would be an instant starting point.

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