Have You Met Triggertrap?


If you have not heard of Triggertrap before it is a way to control your camera from your phone (Android or iOS). Yes there have been plenty of these types of devices before and even some that you could make yourself for cheap. The Triggertrap has quite a few features that these other companies can only dream of. Its unique list of abilities include HDR timelapse, ability to shoot when magnetism is sensed, bramping, movement detection, ability to take a photo when a set amount of faces are detected, distance lapse, capture when a set db of noise is heard and Wi-Fi Slave.

If any of these features spark your interest I suggest that you check out their website and read into the features. Each of the features have the ability to be fine tuned within for example with “Bang” you can set what decibel is required for it to capture an image. For Star Trail it will let you set how many exposures, length of each exposure, gap of time between each shot and at the end it will give you a total for how long this task will take to complete.

What actually sold me on Triggertrap without even using the equipment, a couple of weeks ago I downloaded the app when it went free and explored the full functionality of the device without taking any pictures. The app is free till the end of the year and I suggest that you check it out before considering purchasing the Triggertrap mobile hardware. You can find the Android version here and the iOS one here. The dongle which supports up to 300 cameras can be found here, choose the drop down on the website to see if your precious is supported. The cable and dongle are priced up to $30, I hope to be reviewing it soon so look forward to that.