Minox Announces a Camera That Prefers to be Called a Dwarf

Minox DCC 14.0

Please folks, do not be deceived by the large image above. The Minox DCC 14.0 is actually a very tiny miniaturized version of a classic camera. The Minox has the ability to fit into your hand and start conversations, I would say take great pictures but that’s yet to be seen. The images that it will take will be at 14mp with it’s CMOS sensor, the camera also has 5 tiny elements in the lens with a 4x zoom. The lens also features a f2.4 aperture with a focal equivalent of 41mm. The display on the back is 2″ and like my old Nikon D50 is only good for telling if your image is in B/W or color.

I would love to see Kai use this in a cheap camera challenge where your favorite pro will take photos with it. Joking aside I think I like the idea but I’m not quite sold on the price. I would like to see the camera at a more friendly price instead of the advertised $240 price. You can see more details on the camera as well as quirky additions that you can add to the camera on Minox’s site.