Toni Ahvenainen Found His Photographic Style Shooting Everyday Life, So Can You

All Images By Toni Ahvenainen. Used with Permission.

Hailing from the northern reaches of the world, Finland to be precise, Toni Ahvenainen got into photography for a reason all too familiar to many of us and quite common in this digital age – the birth of a child. “I realized that I needed a camera to capture that miracle of life.” Ahvenainen tells The Phoblographer, “with the help of a friend, I acquired the relatively affordable Sony Nex-5N, and soon photography became my obsession. I shot over 26 000 frames in the first year…” But he quickly learned that he needed to frame his photography, give it a purpose, or he would lose his new found passion for it.

Ahvenainen started a photo blog, its purpose was to be home to a personal photo-365 project that he hoped would help him find his identity as a photographer. “I decided to explore my own photographic eye within the life I was already living – sometimes quite literally at home or with a baby carriage next to me outdoors while I was composing the image.”Ahvenainen continued, “These sort of limitations led my path to certain kind of dark frames with some color occasionally thrown in, and which became eventually my own photographic style.”

Check out our interview with Toni Ahvenainen, and a beautiful selection of his work after the jump.

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