Caught on Tape: Giant Pacific Octopus Wrestles with Diver for Underwater Camera

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It seems that even curious maritime creatures are now fancying themselves photographers. Either that or the octopus in this video has a really bad case of narcissism.

Around Valentine’s Day, divers Warren Murray and David Malvestuto went for a dive in Bluefish Cove, a cove in the Point Lobos State National Reserve (Carmel, CA) that is a favorite among divers for its clear water and abundant marine life. They had their underwater photography equipment with them.

As they were taking snapshots of the life at 80 feet below the surface, the funniest thing happened – a Giant Pacific Octopus that was sitting on a rock they were swimming by took one look at the underwater rigs they were lugging around and tried to wrestle one from Murray.

The whole thing was captured on film by Malvestuto, including Murray’s helpless and confused expression as he hung on to his rig despite the cephalopod’s insistence.

Apparently, a Giant Pacific Octopus can grow up to 30 feet wide so I guess Murray’s lucky this one looks like it hasn’t fully grown yet. Otherwise, he would have definitely lost the tug-of-war.

Watch the incredible video after the jump and make sure to stay until the end so you can see the octopus get up close and personal from Murray’s camera’s point-of-view.

Via PetaPixel

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