5 Uplifting Photography Stories to Give You a Boost of Positive Love

Since we began the site, our objective here at The Phoblographer has been to help people feel good while educating them about the world and the photo industry. To achieve that, the team works hard to bring you its views, as well as the work of photographers within the community. It’s not always easy, but we think we do a good job. From using photography to boost mental health to using your skills to benefit society, there are many ways photography can provide positivity. Below are some perfect examples.

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Auroville: David Klammer Shares the Truth About a “Utopian City” in India

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“Confusion, simple confusion,” writes German photographer David Klammer. He’s referring to his first impressions when he arrived in a land like no other. Auroville, located in the Tamil Nadu state of India, is described as an experimental city. Many outside of Auroville believe it’s a real-world utopia. After 20 years of photographing this interesting, somewhat cryptic city, Klammer shares the reality of his experience.

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