Darran Rees Shows a Dreamy Side of New York City Shrouded in Fog

All images by Darran Rees. Used with permission.

A vibrant metropolis famous for its many faces, moods, and scenes, New York City is certainly one of the most photographed spots across the globe. In his set, titled The HighLine NYC, London-based Darran Rees showcases the dreamy beauty of The Big Apple as it was shrouded in fog during his stay a few years back.

One early morning in 2014, Darran woke up to see Manhattan enveloped in a dense fog. Finding the sight an interesting subject for testing out the then-new compact Lumix GX7, he set out to explore the misty streets of New York City’s High Line walk. Spending two freezing hours in the early light was pretty rewarding, he said, and his snaps definitely show that he did well to head out quickly.

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