STRANGER: Street Photography Shot in the London Tube Made Into a Photo Book

Screenshots and photos taken from the Kickstarter project

For today’s Kickstarter campaign that you might want to support, we have a project whose premise was born out of today’s most explored topics in photography: smartphone photography and “tubeography.” London-based street photographer and multimedia artist Dan Rodriguez aims to put the two together into a photo book called STRANGER.

According to Dan, the book will house his black and white photos of London Tube commuters, strictly taken with a smartphone. The goal of this intrepid project is to “explore the role of the smartphone as a tool to find beauty in an era of surveillance capitalism.” It’s not surprising Dan has taken on this project, as train commuters are among the most popular street photography subjects around the world. Likewise, the convenience and continued improvements of smartphone cameras have allowed everyone to take stealthy street photographs virtually anywhere.

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