LensRentals Adds More Protection, From Bears to Tornados with its New Lenscap and Lenscap+ Plans

lenscap-FB-AdLooking to give its customers a bit more protection LensRentals has revamped its damage waiver program to help customers from having to pay the full bill for stolen and broken equipment. LensRentals announced it has added two optional protection plans called Lenscap and Lenscap+.

The standard Lenscap plan adds protection from drops, spills, and most importantly, bear attacks—all basic things photographers have to contend with on a daily basis. It will also limit your liability to the lesser of the cost to repair the equipment or 10% of the replacement cost. The underlying note of all of this you’ll never have to fork over more than 10% of the replacement cost of the damaged equipment, no matter how expensive the repair actually is. Of course that does not give you license to be a jerk throw your camera at a bear.

Additionally Lenscap+ add coverage for even more scenarios including fire, lightening, being sucked into a tornado, and in case it falls from an aircraft. Most importantly Lenscap+ is a more robust plan that photographers some insurance in case of theft and other situations where it’s impossible to return the rented equipment.

Prior to the Lenscap and Lenscap+ plans, LensRentals offered a flat $10 protection waiver. However, with the new plans pricing is variable with the standard Lenscap plan adding a fee that hovers around 15% of the rental cost of each equipment piece. Lenscap+, meanwhile, adds an average additional 25% cost to the rental. But it’s always better to pay out a few bucks upfront rather than pay for a bear mauled Zeiss lens in full.

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Via Canon Rumors

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