Ambrotype Photography Made With a Dallmeyer 3A Lens in 1880

Screenshots taken from video. 

Fascination with the roots of photography and subsequent exploration of the traditional practices from the old days have made a strong resurgence recently. We found this short educational and awe-inspiring video made by showing the process of Abrotype photography creating images on glass.

For some background: ambrotypes made an appearance in 1850 and subsequently surpassed daguerreotypes in popularity at that time. Commonly known as a collodion positive in the UK, an ambrotype is a positive photograph on glass made by a variation of the wet plate collodion process. For his personal project with Anbrotype photography, used an FKP 30cm x 40cm camera from the Ukraine made in 1984 with a Dallmeyer 3A lens from London made in 1880.

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