6 Photographers Show us Their Beautiful, Heartwarming Photography

Some photographers aim to challenge societal views. Others like to make bold statements with their images. Not all photography is pretty, and not all of it will make you feel good. There’s an important space for the type of work. But we’re not visiting that space today. Instead, we’re here for the feel-good and the heartwarming photography. The six photographers below will give us everything we need to wear a smile on our faces.

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This Pentax Spotmatic Has a Heartwarming Story Behind It

Vintage cameras are witnesses to generations of touching and life-changing events, such as the beautiful story behind this Pentax Spotmatic.

When you’re buying and shooting with vintage cameras, you’re also owning and using something with decades worth of fascinating history. If you’re lucky, you might come across cameras used by famous photographers, limited edition models, and even those used for NASA spaceflights. You’d be even luckier if you have the money to afford them. Or instead, you may simply find one with a really heartwarming personal history, like this Pentax Spotmatic that Brisbane-based Daimon Wright found.

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