Nikon Settles The D600 Lawsuit, Offers Replacement D610 Cameras


Were you one of the Nikon users unfortunately enough to be saddled with a defective, dust/oil spotted Nikon D600? Good news if you are–it seems the Japanese camera company has finally reached a settlement on the D600 class action lawsuit and is now sending afflicted owners an email instructing them on how to receive a new D610 camera.

According to an email obtained by Nikon Rumors, D600 owners must register their camera’s here and fill out three forms of paper work attached to the message. Once completed, Nikon will provide a packing slip for users to send in their unwanted D600. Users only have until November 30th to accept this offer after which they will relinquish their right to pursue further legal action against Nikon. Also taking this offer will prevent you from pursuing further legal action against Nikon for its defective D600 cameras.

After plenty of customer outrage and public embarrassment, it seems Nikon is ready to finally put this D600 fiasco behind it. The reserved statement is a far cry from the company’s initial instructions to fix the problem yourself with an air blower and then offering a sensor repair service earlier this year.