Nikon 1 Camera Concept Drawings and Lens Patents Emerge

Nikon 1 Camera Concept Drawing

Over at Nikon Rumors, a couple of concept drawings for Nikon 1-series cameras have been unearthed, together with some lens patents. Whether or not we actually see upcoming cameras and lenses in these sketches cannot be said definitely, but two of the camera concepts look like they could be the next 1 J and 1 S models. The third concept drawing seems to show an even more simplified camera body that might be operated mostly via touchscreen. As to the lenses, there are patents for an 11-28mm f3.5-5.4 lens, a 10-47mm f2.8-7 lens (both CX) as well as 40mm f3.5 VR macro lens for Nikon DX cameras.

Head over to the original post on Nikon Rumors to see all the pictures they found.