Review: Peak Design Leash and Cuff

Leash & Cuff

Peak Design returned to Kickstarter with their latest project and guess what? They did it again with the same crowd funding that started it all. They set out to raise a measly $10,000 and walked away with $215,000 worth of pre-orders for their new campaign.

The newly funded project is the Leash and Cuff and customers, myself included, have had it for a couple months now. Both the Leash and the Cuff were made to work with their existing Capture Plate or on their own. The strap duo makes using straps with your camera a breeze. I’ve worn it, depended on it and put it through its paces. These are my thoughts on the company’s second endeavor.

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Leash And Cuff Are Another Way to Carry Your Camera by Peak Design

Yesterday while we were all relaxing and take it easy the fine folks behind the Capture Clip have started a brand new Kickstarter campaign with two new ways to hold your camera. The two new products that Peak Design launched are called Leash and Cuff. Along with these two items they have developed a brand new connection system which resemble eyelets can be seen above. You can think of the Leash as a versatile neck strap which has a few extra uses up its sleeve. The Lease can be used a a safety strap, a sling strap, a video stabilizer and of course a neck strap. The Cuff is a better more secure version of the wrist strap that currently exists. It can connect to the same eyelets that the Leash uses so no need to remove them, connecting and removing can be done with one hand. When not in use it can be rolled around the wrist and stored as a bracelet. The Leash and Cuff are made out of the same material as your common seatbelt but only 3/4″ of an inch wide. Because they are so thin they can easily be wrapped and stored.

It seems like Peak Design is in the business to change the way we secure our very expensive gear to our body. It took using the capture clip for me to trust it and I am going to expect the same for Leash and Cuff, except this time I don’t have any doubt. The project within one day has already tripled its goal in one day, call it black friday fever or people really love Peak Designs products. The sweet deal on kickstarter is it appears to include a capture clip at the $60 for the Cuff + Capture, $70 for the Leash + Capture and $80 for both the Cuff, Leash and Capture. It seems to be all gain and no pain for the project which you can find here.