Kodak Warns Against Putting Unprocessed Films Through CT Scanners

Are you a film photographer traveling to or out of the US? Kodak strongly recommends asking for a hand check of your films and avoiding TSA CT scanners.

Airport scanners and checks have always been stressful for traveling film photographers, and it remains one of the biggest concerns for just starting out with shooting film. Adding to the worries is the news of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) installing Computed Tomography (CT) scanners in US airports for carry-on luggage. Kodak has recently issued an advisory against putting unprocessed films through these scanners, along with some suggestions for avoiding degradation of film in carry-on luggage.

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TSA is Testing New Security Scanners Possibly Allowing Cameras in Your Bag

Globe-trotting photographers could spend less time clearing airport security checks with TSA rolling out some new scanners. 

Getting cleared by airport security may soon be less time-consuming with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) currently testing some new screening equipment. TSA is speeding up its pilot testing of some new computed tomography checkpoint scanners, which are much like the CT scanners you’ll find in hospitals, with bags instead of human bodies. It will use an X-ray camera to take hundreds of image to put together a more detailed view of what’s inside your carry-on luggage. Since TSA officials will be able to rotate the items on three axes (instead of the 2-D images provided by the current scanners), it could minimize the need for extra bag inspections and therefore speed up the time travelers spend in the security process.

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