New Night Vision Camera Promises Full Color HD Video in Near Darkness

Komura Falcon Eye KC-2000

Taking video footage in the dark can be a problem, especially when you lack an über-fast lens such as the Leica Noctilux 50mm f0.95, or a camera with such fantastic low light abilities as the Nikon D4. Usually what you’ll get when recording video at night or in dark places with a regular digital camerea–be it a compact, mirrorless or DSLR–is a lot of noise, little detail and as good as no color information. When using a dedicated night vision device, you might actually be able to make out some detail, but your images will be cast in green or grey and will be covered with luminance noise all over.

But there’s hope, as a new camera from Japan is going to change all that. The Komamura Falcon Eye KC-2000 is the first camcorder that is dedicated a recording night or low light scenes in full color, and it does so in 720p resolution. This means not only will you get images that look like they were taken in daylight, you’ll also get to see a lot more detail than you would get from a digital camera or a dedicated night vision camera.

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