Colfax Design Works Teams Up with Drew Martin for New Signature Strap

Want to upgrade your camera strap to something more lightweight yet durable enough to use in the harshest conditions? The latest offering by Colfax Design Works could be an option for you.

Looking for more camera straps to choose from? The latest to pop up on our radar is a new signature camera strap by Colfax Design Works, which came out of their partnership with Drew Martin. The renowned photographer, who travels across the western United States shooting campaigns for the likes of BF Goodrich, Harley Davidson, Toyota TRD, and Polaris, shared his ideas with the company on the perfect strap. The result is this latest offering that takes pride in being “lightweight, ultra-versatile, unobtrusive, yet enduring to use in some of the harshest conditions.” If this sounds like your requirements for your next camera strap, step right up and take a look!

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Content Camera Strap Promises to Be the Only Strap You’ll Ever Need

If you’re a fan of modular setups down to your camera accessories, the Content Camera Strap is worth checking out.

It’s a bold statement, but Allegory Goods, the creators of the Content Camera Strap, promises that it will be the only camera strap you’ll ever need. Why? Because it has three modes for all your shooting styles: neck strap, cross body strap, and wrist strap or leash. If you’re curious about modular camera straps, you might want to check this out and even back it on Kickstarter.

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