Clemens Wirth’s Beautiful and Quirky Miniature World


All photographs taken by Clemens Wirth. Used with permission.

Known for his quirky and idyllic short videos, many for commercials and film credits, Austrian miniature model artist and macro filmmaker/photographer Clemens Wirth presents a more delicate version of the world. You see, he handcrafts these beautiful miniature characters and places, which he then uses for his videos.

Describing how he got into this craft to The Phoblographer, Clemens explains:

“My passion is macro photography, model building and title design. During my studies I got myself a DSLR camera and started to make my first steps in macro-photography. The world and details you can find in macro photography fascinated me ever since then… For my final project in my studies, I designed a title sequence for a first world war movie called “Herbst”. At first I wanted to work with pewter figures, but the variety was very little, so I searched for alternatives and found model train figures.”

Clemens’ dioramas are not only captured in his videos. They also translate, amazingly we might add, into fine art photographs, featuring beach, space, and other outdoor scenes, that are just as stunning.

In this little planet he’s meticulously fashioned with his own hands, his tiny humans are as still as everything else around them, whether they be horse carriages, rolling flaming balls, water, or  snow, is in constant motion. And the combination, the overall effect is staggering. Clemens’ miniature counterparts are, in more ways than one, lighter and brighter versions of their real life counterparts and better as they are simply much more intimate.

See more of Clemens’ videos and photographs after the jump.

To see more of Clemens’ wonderful work, visit his website. To buy his prints, please visit his Etsy shop.

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