Dirk Wustenhagen Photographs Moments of Solitude in a Blur

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“Maybe I am emotionally too close to the moment of shooting them to appreciate their value,” says Dirk Wustenhagen of his blurry captures of lonesome scenes. He adds, “I appreciate these images more over time.” Wustenhagen is a photographer who transitioned from analog snapshots to digital photography and art in the 2000s. He often appreciates his images more when revisiting them after a significant period of time has passed since their capture.

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Gustav Willeit Crafts Mood Through Painterly Landscape Photography

All photos by Gustav Willeit. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Ever felt like trying something new with your landscape photography? How about creating something more moody and mysterious out of it? Why not experiment with creative techniques to achieve a unique look? These are just a few ideas that you may be inspired to try after checking out the impressive landscape series by Corvara, Italy-based Gustav Willeit. Challenging the usual expectations we have with landscape photography, the series instead appeals to our notions about memory and the passing of time.

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Flarestick Makes Dreamy Lens Flare Effects Quick and Easy

Flarestick offers another nifty set of tools to add to your creative effects arsenal

Feel like trying out a new creative effect to spice up your work? We’ve found just the right stuff for you. If you’ve always wanted to try lens flare effects, looks like you’ll have lots of fun with Flarestick. With this set of professional lens flare crystals, you won’t have to spend time adding flares in post — you can just get the popular dreamy effect in-camera!

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