Community Is Important and These Photo Stories Prove It

Community is important. There’s the photography community and countless others too. Some photographers like to travel far and wide to focus their lenses on different communities from around the world. Others prefer to stay closer to home and document stories happening locally. Either way, documenting communities is important in the photography world, and it’s something we’re going to look at in the piece.

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Craig Varjabedian on Why Nikon Serves Him Well for His Powerful Project

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“I believe everyone has a good story, and those who choose to share it tend to inform the picture I make,” says photographer Craig Varjabedian. He adds, “I want the resulting image to reveal a deeper sense of the person in front of the camera.” Varjabedian has worked on several projects throughout his long, successful career. In this interview, we focus on his ongoing series, Native Light. The focus is simple: turn a lens on the rich history of Native Americans, and show the world their importance in the present day. No stranger to adversity himself, Craig Varjabedian isn’t only doing this for the passion, but to ensure he gives a voice to those who are often silenced and left behind.

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