Craig Reilly’s Street Photography Play With Shape and Shadow In London

All images by Craig Reilly. Used with permission.

“To have a solo exhibition and one day have a book published.” These are the targets London based street photographer, Craig Reilly, has set for himself. He has every reason to believe his goals will be reached. Already he’s a highly regarded street photographer, an Olympus Ambassador and one of the co-founders of the huge online community, Street Photography International. A rather impressive foundation for him to build on. His beautiful images centre around shape, shadow, light and humanity. Craig uses these quality ingredients to create tasty looking work – and his followers constantly want to be fed more. Craig is no stranger to the sacrifices that need to be made to do well in this scene. He puts in the leg work, the eye work and the digital work in order to remain consistent and ahead of the game.

Many know his photos. Now it’s time to get to know the man himself.

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