Aaron Yeandle’s Fascinating Portraits Allowed Him to Explore

Covid was a new and invisible terror,” the photographer Aaron Yeandle remembers. “March 2020 was a very scary time, as we were just seeing and hearing about these mass deaths all over the world.” In Guernsey, where Yeandle is based, the first lockdown ran for 88 days, starting on March 24th. During that time, the artist and his wife, like many of us, were flooded with countless pictures of people in hazmat suits, watching from their apartment as the global death count rose. Masks became a part of their daily lives. 

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The Best Photography Submissions of 2020 (What a Year!) NSFW

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Photography submissions come in thick and fast here at The Phoblographer. Each week we’re overwhelmed with photographers stating their case for why the world needs to see their work. Thankfully we love what we do, so spending time with new photographs isn’t a problem for us. Photographers have sent us some spectacular work throughout the year. And as 2020 comes to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on the best photography submissions we received over the past 12 months.

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Street Photographers Are Turning to Virtual Reality To Create Photographs

Everyone is in quarantine and the streets are empty, but that’s not stopping street photographers from doing what they love.

For street photographers, having the streets void of people is an absolute nightmare. But due to the Corona Virus, this is the reality many street photographers are dealing with right now. Mandatory quarantine means everyone is indoors – and rightly so – as we do all we can to overcome this global pandemic. It would be easy for street photographers to put their cameras on the shelf and allow it to become a dust collector. But that’s not the case for those who refuse to become stagnated during this difficult period. Instead, they’re turning to an unlikely source to get their daily fix of street photography – a video game.

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Forget the Masters, Now’s the Time to Invest in Other Photographers

We all enjoy the work of the masters, but now’s the time to support hardworking photographers struggling to make ends meet.

From Steve McCurry’s India to Robert Frank’s The Americans, the masters of photography have sold millions of photobooks worldwide. Their work is seen not only as a source of pleasure but also vital for education. Famous photographers do well in the print market too, with some of their finest work selling for thousands of dollars. The cream of the crop is not shy of a penny or two. And although it makes sense to spend hard-earned money on those perceived to be the best, with everything that’s going on in the world, we need to start supporting all the other talented photographers that make up our industry.

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