22 of the Best Black Photographers You Need to Know

Black History Month allows us to reflect. Along with photography, many fields and societies can ponder the stories of black communities around the world. For over a decade, The Phoblographer has had the honor of featuring some of the best black photographers in our industry. From street photography to portraiture, documentary to editorial, we’ve featured all types of genres and photographic stories coming from the black gaze.

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Courtney Coles: Photographing Musicians the Way Their Music Sounds

All images by Courtney Coles. Used with permission.

If we were to list the top photography “dream” jobs, music and concert photography will definitely be on the list. It sure looks fun to have the prime spot not only for watching the biggest bands and acts up close, but also for getting some snaps of the awesome performances. But, as Los Angeles-based Courtney Coles tells us in this interview, it’s not as easy as it seems. It may start with wanting to take home photos to remember the performance with, but the road to doing it professionally can start in many different ways. From there, it’s all about documenting what goes down in gigs in your own style and perspective.

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