Cotton Carrier’s StrapShot EV1 is a Plate Carrier for Mirrorless Cameras

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Cotton Carrier StrapShot EV1 Product Image 3

Cotton Carrier is known to build some of the most rugged camera carrying systems in the photo industry and now it’s out with a new product Kickstarter designed for smaller compact system cameras. Called the StrapShot EV1, it combines a camera plate carrier with a safety tether that Cotton Carrier promises is a simple and reliable hands-free solution.

The StrapShot EV1 attaches to almost any camera bag by wrapping any strap as well as to a pants belt. The safety tether adds an extra security bungee that also extends far enough to let photographers shoot unhindered. Like the Peak Design camera clip Cotton Carrier’s system uses an aluminum connector that screws into the camera’s tripod mount. After that the camera simply slides and locks into place with the EV1.When shooters aren’t using the clip the safety tether can be used as a hand strap by itself.

According to Cotton Carrier, the EV1 has been made with durable materials including hard-anodized aluminum, virtually indestructible Lexan thermoplastic, and a ballistic grade Denier material.

Currently the StrapShot EV1 is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to help make it a reality. As of this writing the project is just shy of reaching half its $30,000 CAD (about $27,926 USD) goal. If you’re interested in picking up your own StrapShot EV1 you can put in a pledge of $39 (about $36 USD) for an expected delivery date in November 2014. Check past the break for more images and video of the StrapShot EV1.

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