A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards Talks About his Photography in Inspiring Video

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Cory Richards, adventurer and respected photographer for National Geographic, he has gone to great lengths–and heights–to get his iconic shots. He has climbed the highest mountains, explored the deepest oceans, attempted to break world records, even endured and survived a massive avalanche in a Himalayan mountain, and made lifetime friends in the most inaccessible regions of the world.

He has never had a formal education in photography but he has effectively used the craft as his voice, as his way of translating how he sees the world. And his images are not only stunning but also influential and powerful, which, he explains, root from getting out of his comfort zone and according to him, “observing what was happening around me and observing (the) richness that comes with struggle.”

In a new, inspiring video put together by Blue Chalk, Richards talks about why he goes to such extremes and how his efforts have make a huge impact on his work as an adventure and exploration photographer and an even more amazing storyteller. Entitled “A Tribute to Discomfort,” the 4-minute video is a nod to determination and to pushing oneself to be better at the craft that has the capacity to stir millions.

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