David Nobody’s Colorful and Creative Series Brightens Up US Culture

All images by David Nobody. Used with permission.

“I am interested in images that look like they were photoshopped but are not—the mix of real and unreal,” says multi-disciplined artist, David Nobody. He adds, “I have been fascinated with in-camera creativity in Resemblagé.” He’s referring to his on-going series, which takes an imaginative look at pop culture in the United States, as well as society’s fixation with social media and the self. We take a closer look at a colorful and eccentric set of images, while learning more about Resemblagé and the artist behind it.

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Tabitha Soren Explores Our Complicated Relationship with Technology in “Surface Tension”

All images © Tabitha Soren 2018. Used with permission

Our relationship with technology and devices is a tricky one. They’re supposed to make our lives easier, pamper us with convenience, and entertain us for as long as we need it. But at their worst, they become a constant source of distraction, discontent, and distress. Photo-based artist Tabitha Soren offers a unique view into this reality with a thought-provoking new series. Titled Surface Tension, this body of work shows us how greasy fingerprints and smears serve as evidence that we spend much of our lives glued to our screens, tapping and swiping away in an unnoticed “dance of fingers.”

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