Aron Lorincz Shows the Impressive Architecture of Basel on Large Format Film

All images by Aron Lorincz. Used with Creative Commons permission.

For architectural photographers and enthusiasts of the genre, the Swiss city of Basel is full of mesmerizing buildings and architectural elements to photograph. Budapest-based Aron Lorincz adds an extra layer of awesomeness by documenting the city’s architecture in large format (4×5) film. Architectural photography remains a popular genre even for film photographers, and especially to those drawn to symmetry, lines, curves, geometric shapes, and patterns. There are many approaches to this type of photography, but the goal is to emphasize these elements in such a way that they draw the eyes of the viewer. Aron’s photos, both color and occasional black and whites, definitely reflect this, showcasing the details that make Basel’s contemporary architecture among the most impressive in the world.

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