Marcus Bleasdale: Harnessing the Power of Photography in the Congo

Marcus Bleasdale talks about how photography has been instrumental in his quest to open the world’s eyes to Congo’s most devastating conflicts.

With the primary goal of photojournalism being to tell thought-provoking visual stories that explore today’s most pressing social issues, practitioners often find themselves faced with the mission to shoot photos that incite change. Such was the case for photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale, who told the poignant stories about his work in Africa during a 2013 talk for Nat Geo Live. If you’ve taken an interest to photojournalism and hope to do some compelling projects with it someday, let his story serve as inspiration for you.

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Ken Hermann Documents the “Leftovers” of the Vietnam War

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Some of the most poignant stories of conflict were taken during the long and costly Vietnam War. From November 1955 to April 1975 — almost twenty years — photojournalists documented the chaos and destruction that ravaged the region of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR. More than four decades later, some explosive remnants of the war still remain scattered and hidden in these parts. It’s the turn of Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann to document the efforts of the men who take care of these lethal leftovers.

The Vietnam War may be long over but its remnants are still injuring and killing hundreds of civilians annually. This was what Ken found out and wanted to tell in his recent documentary project titled, Leftovers from the War. The title is a reference to what he called a “lethal legacy” of unexploded ordnance, or UXO, and landmines that still lie hidden in those areas of conflict.

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Giles Duley Talks About Documenting the World’s Problems on Ilford Film

Image by Giles Duley for ILFORD Inspires

Photographer Giles Duley is a documentary photographer who specifically states he photographs what he doesn’t like. It’s a powerful statement.

Through a series of global events called ILFORD Inspires, HARMAN Technology and ILFORD Photo seek to encourage people to try traditional black and white film. The latest photographer to be featured in their upcoming event is Mr. Duley, with images from his stunning “I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See” exhibit. Set to take place during the PhotoBlock at the Old Truman Brewery in London on October 14th, the second ILFORD Inspires event will give visitors a private viewing of Giles’ impressive black and white photographs documenting conflict, and a talk from the esteemed photographer himself about the art of storytelling he has mastered.

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