Escaping Emotional Reality Helps Rosie Hardy Create Better Self-Portraits

“Times are changing and we have to change with them,” says UK-based photographer Rosie Hardy about the changing pace and formats of how photography grow online. She’s enjoyed considerable success with her photography, having gone viral multiple times via her work on Flickr. That has translated into commercial projects with high-profile brand names and celebrities in the years that followed. The fame hasn’t changed her as a person though; she’s still grounded in reality. But her surreal images transport the viewer to an otherworldly setting, which is often a candid representation of her emotions.

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Adeolu Osibodu Finds Reflecting on His Thoughts Creates Better Images

“I feel immense gratitude and a stronger belief in making work that’s true to one’s self,” says Nigerian photographer Adeolu Osibodu. If you take a look at each of his images, you find there’s a deeper meaning behind them. That’s not by accident; he takes his time to create images from thoughts that arise during his daily life. Emotions turn into ideas that are transformed into his visually appealing and somewhat surreal portraits. And he hopes his work can eventually lead to a positive portrayal of his people and his country.

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Life’s Lessons Inspire Jovana Rikalo to Make These Photos

“I am very nervous when not taking photos,” says Serbian photographer Jovana Rikalo in regard to how much photography is ingrained in her existence. She enjoys telling visual stories with her photographs, constructed out of emotional thoughts and moments from her life. Every moment has potential for inspiration for this creative thinker who seeks ideas from just about everything possible. Drawing on a plethora of concepts to produce a single visual interpretation isn’t uncommon for Jovana, and she breaks down some of her photos in an interview with us.

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Liselotte Habets Tells an Unusual Tale of the Bond Between Humans and Pets

All images by Liselotte Habets. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How many of us are guilty of keeping photo diaries, videos, and portraits of our beloved pets? All of us, I guess, at some point in our stints as photographers, will have amassed a big photo collection of our adorable furry or feathered companions. The pet portraits of Amsterdam-based Liselotte Habets, however, go beyond the usual adorable photos that make everyone melt into a collective “awww”.

Instead, she came up with the idea to tell the relationship between people and their pets — or at least, how she imagined the relationship would be like if people made odd choices for pets. To make it even more out of the ordinary, Liselotte chose to tell her story through animals made immortal via taxidermy.

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Maximilian Motel’s The Traveller is a Beautiful Ode to Space Exploration

All images by Maximilian Motel. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Photo manipulations and composites can be sensitive topics for some photographers, yet it’s a common method used by many to realize their creative vision. Once in a while, we also come across projects of this nature that are simply praiseworthy works of art. The Traveller, a beautifully executed photo set by Berlin-based Maximillian Motel, is one such body of work that skillfully blends photography and digital art.

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The Dead Zone is Home to Julien Coquentin’s Childhood Memories

All images by Julien Coquentin. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Childhood memories often serve as sources of inspiration for creatives, so it’s not surprising to find many compelling works driven by its nostalgic imagery. However, instead of presenting images of gentleness, innocence, and fondness for a time gone by, French photographer Julien Coquentin takes his viewers to what he calls The Dead Zone, which reimagines his childhood haunts.

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Tim Tadder Uses Exploding Water Balloons As Wigs For Bald Men

All images by Tim Tadder. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

With a combination of high speed flash photography, willing good looking bald men and some cool water balloon explosion, Tim Tadder created an interesting visual exploration of close up portraiture work in his latest photo series called Water Wigs.

According to the photo project descriptions, Tim Tadder intended to do something new and totally different while maintaining a simple concept in creating a fun series of images. It was a studio portrait photography with a twist, as water balloons were hurled at and made to explode directly on top of bald men’s heads simulating the effect of water wigs. The precise capture of the moment the water balloons exploded was done via a laser and sound trigger to create just the right look of body of hair fitting the face in the picture. To further emphasize the fun and amusing part of the images, a triad of strong and bold blue, red and yellow colors were added to the head shots.  Continue reading…