7 Tips for Competing in Photo Contests


Part of a photographer’s growth is simply getting their work out there and one of the means to do that are photo contests. Though having a website and/or a blog helps establish a presence on the web, it means very little if no one knows you exist. With new photographers rising up like poppies on the way to Oz, it becomes an increasing challenge to get noticed. This is where entering a contest can make a difference.

Though recognition is always nice, you should know what you are expecting from it. Winning a contest won’t result in fame and fortune, but it can begin the process of getting your work in front of people, some of whom may eventually provide opportunities as you continue to produce exceptional work. You should see it as a process that will not only provide your imagery some exposure, but may also help play a role in your development as a photographer. Here are some tips that may help you when considering and entering contests.

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