This is Why Some Photographer Can’t Stop Shooting Film

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In a world dominated by digital electronics, where most photographers, professional or not, are initially measured by the power and price of their equipment, where taking a photo of anything is literally just a simple push of a button, many wonder why a considerably small number of photographers all across the world still shoot film.

While film photographers have several and varied reasons for sticking with this admittedly meticulous and slightly more expensive medium and not going digital, to them (ehem, us) it’s almost a no-brainer to shoot with film.

But to most of the world, it’s harder to understand. For this reason many photographers who love and are loyal to the medium seek out ways to not just explain but also educate the world on the benefits and joys of shooting film. Last year saw the arrival of Indie Lab and Kodak’s beautiful documentary, Long Live Film, in which the Alabama film lab travelled across the United States to talk to photographers about why they still shoot film.

This year, we have Goa-based wedding photographer and filmmaker Amrit Vatsa’s short but definitely sweet rendition of why film photographers just can’t shooting with film. This 3MS (3-Minute Stories) documentary, aptly called “Can’t Stop Shooting on Film,” follows the film shooters at Goa-CAP (Centre for Alternate Photography) in an attempt to understand why these photographers remain loyal to the art of film photography.

Comparing photography to painting, this short raises very valid and important points and offers rational insights that many of us have never thought of before. If you’re still scratching your head about why we still shoot film, this is definitely a good starter video to watch.

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