The Basics: How to Choose Your First DSLR in 2017

Want to know how to choose your first DSLR? Don’t. Mirrorless is where it’s at; read our mirrorless post. But if you really, honestly insist on going the DSLR route as your first interchangeable lens camera – this is the post for you.

The DSLR, and the SLR before it, have long been the gold standard of the general photography industry. These cameras work by placing a mirror between your lens and your sensor, bouncing the image up into a prism and into the viewfinder so you can see what you are shooting. This was a huge advantage over other camera tech back in the day, though nowadays with quality electronic viewfinders in mirrorless cameras the benefits of this are less drastic.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to choose your first DSLR, let’s get started… Continue reading…