Taking the Canon AE-1 Program and Pellix QL Out on a Woodland Shoot

Planning a dreamy woodlands shoot on 35mm film? Here’s a quick video showing what a Canon AE-1 Program and a Pellix QL will get you if you’re pressed for choices on what to bring.

Any camera would do if you’re thinking of a springtime woodlands shoot on film. But, if you want to narrow down your choices to 35mm SLR cameras, this quick video by Alex Hayes lets you choose between two Canon options: an AE-1 Program and a Pellix QL. The former is a classic and a firm favorite, while the latter is a rather unique option that may not be as heard of today. Both cameras were shot with the hugely popular Kodak Portra 400, so you might want to watch this video if you’re keen on trying these out.

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