Why? Someone Painted a Canon P Rangefinder a Fugly Shade of Green?

If vintage cameras in bright, questionable colors are your thing, be our guest and check out this fluorescent Canon P rangefinder.

Classic cameras always look best in classy chrome or elegant black. If you agree, you may squirm a little in your seat with our latest vintage find: a gorgeous Canon P rangefinder camera that comes in a rather bright and arguable hue. But if you’re interested in it anyway, step right up and check out what we’ve found! The camera in question was listed by Taipei-based ebay seller shueido, who — surprise, surprise — brought us the cringe-worthy $2,099 red repainted Pentax 6×7. The item is described as a Canon P repainted in matte fluorescent yellow (more like shocking neon green, though, isn’t it?). If you don’t mind the dizzying color and want to still be able to whip it out and blind your subject shoot with it, you’ll be delighted to know it has been CLA’d. Shutter, flash sync, self-timer, and the rest of its functions are working properly. The double image also matches. The item is also rated as being in mint condition (disregarding the paint job then), and comes with a matching body cap and 90 day-warranty.

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