Five Most Popular Canon FD Mount Cameras to Grab Today

While the Canon FD mount has long been rendered obsolete, you can still add some of the most popular Canon FD mount cameras to your collection.

Are you a long-time Canon user who goes back to your film photography roots once in a while? Or, are you just embarking on your film photography journey? Whichever the case, among the cameras you’ll find yourself considering or shooting with are Canon FD mount cameras. The mount was rendered obsolete in the early 1990s with the introduction of the Canon EOS cameras and the Canon EF mount. Still, we have the film photography revolution to thank for making it possible for us to experience a bit of Canon history through the FD mount cameras. If you don’t have one yet, allow us to recommend five of the most popular cameras that you can choose from.

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Cool Canon Print Ad from the ‘80s Tells the Important Role of Photography in Wildlife Conservation

This Canon print ad from 1984 celebrates the beauty of wildlife photography and long form copy advertising.

Back in the day when people had longer attention spans and weren’t doing several hundred things a minute, long copy ads were the norm – case in point, this Canon print ad that Reddit user MoBeydoun discovered in the pages of a National Geographic magazine from 1984 and shared on the r/Cameras subreddit.

Older print ads are a far cry from their modern counterparts, no matter what the product they were selling. In place of the snappy one-liners we’re so used to seeing today are well-written copies that were so long, they’re practically short articles themselves. They weren’t long-winded, hard sell ramblings about the product, too. More often than not, they tell actual stories or paint a scenario that, at first glance, you might think is not even related to the product or brand.

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