Reports of a Canon Full Frame EOS M Mirrorless Camera Arise

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Mirrorless cameras are completely taking over the photography world and Canon might finally have a serious contender to throw into the ring. Canon Rumors has picked up on news the Japanese camera company will soon announce the development of a new mirrorless system camera.

However, there’s a strong possibility this new camera won’t simply be an EOS M3 following in the footsteps of the two previous models. Rather sources say it will be a new EOS M that we will really like, and that’s what we were all waiting for.So far there have been two different reports from sources with one saying it will feature a full-frame sensor on board, while the other has mentioned an EOS M rangefinder.

The big take away from this is it seems very certain that Canon is working on a new mirrorless camera. All the while 2015 has been rumored to be a very busy year for Canon with a purported 50MP professional full frame camera named the EOS 3D, which could come with a second variant that does away with the low-pass filter.

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Canon EOS M3 Might Be Coming to Photokina With Two Models

Canon EOS M2The Canon EOS M2 might have skipped out for a North American release, but new reports say we could see a completely new EOS M3 at Photokina. According to SLR Lounge, Canon is gearing up to launch a new mirrorless camera in the coming months. Supposedly Canon is working on two different models with one body aimed at the consumer market and then another version for the prosumer market.

This isn’t the first time we heard rumors of a split EOS M line. Previously, Canon’s next mirrorless bodies were reported to come with two versions as well with a higher-end model that would have been able to take more accessories such as an EVF. However, these rumors were quickly followed by the incrementally updated EOS M2, which fixed the original’s flaws with a faster AF system and added on Wi-Fi connectivity.

For now we don’t have very many specs on this supposed Canon EOS M3 other than making an assumption that it might include the Canon 70D’s dual-pixel AF system. Just yesterday, SLR Lounge also spotted a patent for a new 22-46mm F/3.5-5.6 EF-M mount lens.