Brainstorming in a Bathroom Brought New Ideas to Michael Marrero

“A bathroom is private, it’s the most personal space in a home, and every person has their own particular relationship to it,” clarifies commercial photographer Michael Marrero about The Bathroom Series. Locked in a house for six hours and given a confined space to shoot in, he and his team came up with some witty stills. Things did look like they got a bit out of hand during this, and Marrero tells us more about it in this interview.

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Cristopher Rogel Blanquet Reveals the Painful Cost of Pesticide Use

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“Sebastián’s father told me that when he was born, the doctors told him that his life expectancy would be a maximum of five years,” photojournalist Cristopher Rogel Blanquet tells me. “This year, he turns 19.” Blanquet met Sebastián and his family while covering the human cost of agrochemical use in Villa Guerrero, Mexico, where 70% of the population works in the flower industry. Born with hydrocephalus, Sebastián is one of several people in the community who will have to contend with health issues for the rest of their lives. His family believes his condition is the result of long-term exposure to pesticides in the flower fields. 

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Will Burrard-Lucas Went on a Quest to Find a Rare Black Leopard in Africa

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“At night, it was always the black leopard’s eyes that struck me,” Will Burrard-Lucas remembers. “In fact, he was usually completely invisible in the black of night, except for his eyes reflecting brightly in my torch beam.” The wildlife photographer saw his first spotty leopard in Tanzania at the tender age of five. Just over thirty years later, he stood face-to-face with a rare black leopard in Laikipia, Kenya. With the thrum of crickets and the occasional call of a rock hyrax filling the air, their eyes met for just an instant before the panther slinked away in the dark. 

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Flickr’s 2017 Year End Review Show More Smartphone Gains

Apple still reigns supreme on Flickr. 

There is something to be said about the obvious lack of professional photographer’s presence on Flickr these days, but in terms of the broader photography market, there is still a lot of use of Flickr. This is what makes the company’s year-end reviews so interesting. It helps paint a picture about what cameras are being used and the top brands utilized by non-professionals around the world.

In their latest year-end review for 2017, the company indicated some continued gains by the smartphone market over the dedicated camera industry (DSLRs, Point and Shoots, Mirrorless). Let’s have a look at their analysis. Continue reading…