Filter Focused Editor CameraBag Photo Version 3 Mac and PC

Nevercenter, makers of CameraBag Photo, announced the release of version 3 of their award-winning desktop CameraBag software. The latest edition includes a slew of new features, brand new filters, an updated interface, and more. Nevercenter is focusing on delivering what they believe to be speedy workflow capabilities by utilizing a filter-focused photo editing platform for Mac and PC.

The latest version of CameraBag Photo has features such as HSV, luminance and hue-based masking, 4-way color wheels, multi-document tabs with side-by-side vieiwing, live pixel inspector, and more. There’s also new color management, speed improvements, and dozens of new filters for the Mac version of the software. Being a “filter-focused” program means CameraBag Photo lets you create your own custom presets.

CameraBag Photo is available now at or on the Mac App Store. The normal retail price is $49, but it is being offered for a special limited-time launch sale price of $35 (30% off). Nevercenter also offers a free trial version of the software for those wanting to give it a test run. Give it a look!