Review: Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack

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Everyone once in a while photographers need a bigger bag. The need to carry more stuff safely is a simple truth. Multiple bags can be cumbersome. This is where the Think Tank Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack comes in. If you start to have jobs that take you away from home, you begin to look at things that can carry all the gear you think you will need. I have worked, traveled and lived with the Think Tank Airport Accelerator Camera Backpack for some time now.

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Think Tank Photo Announces a New Addition to the Retrospective Series

If you’re a frequent follower of The Phoblographer, you’ll know that we recently gave away an AWESOME Think Tank Photo Retrospective 20 bag to one of our readers. The Retrospective series are a sleek, stylish and stealthy way to carry around your photography gear. Today, Think Tank Photo announced a new addition to their Retrospective lineup, the Retrospective 5.

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