Fujifilm X-T1 Owners Can Now Send in Their Light Leaking Cameras for Official Repairs

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Last week, Fujifilm Japan began rolling out a free repair service to X-T1 mirrorless cameras affected by the light leak issue. Now Fuji Rumors spotted a new support page on Fujifilm USA’s website that’s also extending the same fix here in the states. The support page states that any U.S. serial numbers 41A05201 or higher are safe, however, anything with a lower serial number may have light leak issues.

Users unsure if they own a defective camera should set their cameras to ISO12800 and fire a 30-second exposure with the lens cap on. While the shutter is open, take a flashlight and point it around where the camera and lens meet as well as through the X-T1’s open ports. If the exposure resolves an image with any visible streaks of light users should call the Fujifilm Repair Center at (800) 659-3854 (x3461).

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Fujifilm Starts Fixing Light Leak Problems on the X-T1

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Just days after users started spotting light leak issues on their Fujifllm X-T1 cameras; the Japanese camera company has officially acknowledged the issue and is issuing a repair service to correct it. Fuji Rumors spotted a Fujifilm Japan document detailing the free repair service is available to affected X-T1, which may include models with serial numbers between 41002001 to 41006000.

The document also confirmed the issue was visible when the left-side port door is left open. Concerned users should contact Fujifilm repair service center. According to Fuji Rumors, one United Kingdom reader received a message instructing him to provide his full UK address and the serial number of the camera. After which he would receive a pre-paid special bag or box collect the camera to be “repaired with the utmost of care and urgency.”

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Light Leak Problems Also Affecting the Fujifilm X-T1


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Days after spotting the light leaking issues on the Sony A7 and A7r, it seems Fujifilm’s latest and hottest X-T1 mirrorless camera is having problems of its own. A German Fuji Rumors reader first spotted the light leaks coming through the ports on the camera. Reviewed confirmed the errant photons come in through the 2.5mm audio jack and HDMI output. The exposure above shows the results of taking a 30-second long exposure whilst shining a flashlight around the outside of the camera.

While it’s clear the issue exists, light leaks only really crop up while the port door is open when shooting long exposures or shining a flashlight directly into the camera. A simple fix would be to put gaffers tape over the ports to completely block out the light. Fujifilm, meanwhile, is offering a service to fix the “few affected cameras” and return them within 10 days.

Despite being clearly a camera flaw, light leaks actually affect some pro-body full frame sensor cameras including the Nikon D800E and Canon 5D Mark III. Imaging Resource put the two cameras under the microscope and found they both suffer light leak issues passing though the lens mount just like the Sony A7 and A7r. When photographers spend an arm and a leg for the best equipment, any flaw including light leaks seems like a complete insult that ruins the camera.

However, the issue only becomes apparent when shooing in some truly unusual circumstances, like ISO 25,600 and a 30-second exposure. Ferrell McCollough also demonstrated the same problem can happen by taking pictures in a studio environment with a strobe shinning directly into the lens flange of a camera. But again the issue was easily corrected by stepping a few inches away from the light. For the most part light leaks are a real problem and an annoyance, but ultimately they won’t ruin most of the photos for the average shooter.

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