Toyota Reveals All its Camera Tricks Behind Creating a Car Commercial

Corolla Like You've Never Seen Before

Have you ever wondered how those cinematic car commercials are made? Well now Toyota has revealed all its camera tricks in the new “Corolla Like You’ve Never Seen Before!” ad. In the video there’s camera quite literally everywhere from being on a simple dolly, to a crane, motorized track, flying drones, RC cars, parachutes, and a motorcycle. Oddly enough it seems like the only camera trick not in this video was a cameraman shooting from the back of an SUV with the trunk open.

The video also shows plenty of techniques from attaching a camera to the seat belt for a dynamic perspective switch. A crane cam zooms into the driver face to catch the classic “it’s on” look we’ve seen too many times in Fast and Furious movies. There are also video cameras speeding along with the vehicle to catch the car moving in frame from the side to overhead angles. We even get to see two RC cars hit a ramp to catch a shot of the car as it they jump over it.

When the car hits a channel of water there’s a series of cameras catch the Corolla as it drives by to create the Matrix “bullet-time” effect. Just after that the car passes a turtle with a Go-Pro attached to its shell. Lastly the car rolls into the studio, where there’s a massive soft box all lit up for a photo shoot.

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