Nikon D800S Reported to Replace the D800 and D800E in June

Nikon D800

Rumor has it Nikon will soon be replacing its workhorse full-frame cameras, the D800 and D800E, soon with a new D800S. According to Nikon Rumors, the new camera will feature a 36MP sensor with no low pass AA filter with the improved 51-point AF system from the Nikon D4S.

Since 4K video is purported not to show up as a feature, the camera might be lighter than its predecessors–so there may be less of a need for a larger heat sink. It will also supposedly come with improved software to reduce moiré, a new back LCD bumping up resolution beyond 921k dots, and improved low-light performance with one stop better ISO performance. Supposedly GPS is another new addition coming to the Nikon D800S but no new built-in Wi-Fi. Supposedly the new camera will also have a slightly upgraded 5fps continuous shooing speed and 4 center autofocus points.

Early reports suggest the camera will be announced in June with a higher-price than the already luxurious $3,296.95 Nikon D800E. As always we’re pouring over these early specifications with some skepticism. If the rumors prove true, the D800S will reportedly discontinue and replace the D800 and D800E after its announcement.