Sunchaser Pictures Captures the Camelopardalid Meteor Shower Over Joshua Tree


All images shot by and used with permission from Gavin Heffernan.

Sunchaser Pictures are at it again and we’re only too excited to see what they have in store for us this time.

The same talent that brought us the psychedelic Icelight Toronto as well as some outstanding night sky timelapse videos taken at amazing locations like Death Valley and Borrego Springs is back to give us a preview of his latest project.

So what has filmmaker Gavin Heffernan been up to this time? Well, while the rest of us were busy having too much to drink at bars to celebrate the end of the work week, he just spent his Friday night slaving away at his camera to film the Camelopardalids meteor shower in the middle of the desert at Joshua Tree. Even though the streaks weren’t as impressive in numbers as people were hoping, this shower is the first of its kind – the debris, dust that came from a passing comet in the 1800s, is strongly influenced by Jupiter’s gravity – so we completely understand why he skipped the drinkfest.

We’re hoping that the new timelapse video will be ready in a week but while we wait, Gavin has given us access to some of the stills – and a short clip – he shot that night to share with you. With the Milky Way and some star trails making cameo appearances in them, we can already tell that the video is going to be out of this world.

See them after the jump.


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