Photographer Recreates Famous Horror Flicks with Impressive Images


All photos shot by and used with expressed permission from David Love.

When David Love of Oviedo, Florida expresses his love for horror flicks, he goes beyond watching them over and over again, buying movie collectables, or playing dress up like any other fan. Instead, he recreates them.

Now before you panic and start calling the authorities, no, he doesn’t actually do it in a very real serial-killer-type sense. So relax. A photographer and graphic designer by trade, Love instead created a series of scary movie photographs based on several iconic horror flicks.

He wanted to work on a personal project that allowed him more creative freedom so he decided to combine his love for scary movies and his passion for photography to do exactly that. Just before Halloween, he enlisted the help of cosplay enthusiast, musician, and writer Callie Cosplay and freelance make-up artist Elia Lizcano in order to recreate his vision. According to him,

By the time she (Callie) had arrived at my house / studio, I wanted to do every awesome scary movie ever in time for Halloween in 3 days. So we ran out to a costume shop and bought tons of props and raced back to get started.

Since he used items around his house to build the sets and he got his props from a local costume shop, the project was not an overly expensive and massively ambitious endeavor like most scary movies coming out of Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that the results he achieved are less impressive. Inspired by the 1980s movies Love grew up watching, his recreations are, in fact, as stunning as they are mind-blowing. And we think any loyal horror movie fan will agree.

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