UPDATED: Leica C Typ 112 Camera Leaks, Gets Us Totally Not Excited at All


Leica C Typ 112 Leaked Image via 43rumors

Leica Rumors today posted a couple of leaked images of a new camera that was previously rumored to be called ‘Leica C Typ 112’. We assume that ‘C’ stands for ‘Compact’, but obviously not in the sense of ‘Compact System Camera’, as many people had hoped. Rather, it stands for ‘Compatc Point-and-Shoot’. And with all of Leica’s recent compact cameras, this one as well is a re-badged Panasonic, sold with a number of exclusive accessories and presumably at twice the price of the camera it is based on, the Panasonic LF1.

As a reminder, the LF1 is a premium p&s compact that comes with an integrated electronic viewfinder (albeit a low-resolution one), but still keeps a slim profile. We don’t know when the C Typ 112 will be officially announced, but expect it to be around US-$ 700-800 when it hits markets.

UPDATE Sep. 9th: And now it seems the camera is official, see this post over La Vida Leica.