Now that Smugmug Bought Flickr, What Changes Are on the Way?

SmugMug promises to bring back the glory days of Flickr and the community it once fostered

Long before the reign of Instagram and Facebook groups, Flickr was the best place for photographers to share and discuss their work, as well as meet some like-minded creatives. Now that photo-sharing and storage company SmugMug has bought Flickr for an undisclosed price, CEO Don MacAskill has expressed his commitment to breathe new life into the photo sharing community and make it a haven for photographers once again.

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Lomography is a Potential Suitor for Kodak’s Dwindling Film Photography Business

This came as a bit of a surprise to me after paging halfway through the interesting BBC article on the Lomography brand’s history and subsequent film mini-renaissance; but, apparently there is currently some speculation that the company may be poised for a takeover of Kodak’s professional and consumer photography brand and trademarks. Just check out this short cut from the BBC article that makes any film nut’s pulse quicken after the jump:
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