Report: Fujifilm Is Exploring the Possibility of Bringing Back Its Black and White Films

With the final sales for their black and white films and photographic paper looming in the coming months, news of Fujifilm investigating the possibility of bringing back their black and white emulsions has sparked some hope.

Not so long ago, the news of Fujifilm killing off its famed Acros 100 black and white film sent many of us scrambling for available stocks. The emulsion in 35mm and 120 formats will be officially discontinued in October this year. And yet, Fujifilm was recently reported to be looking into the possibility of bringing back its black and white films.

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Casio Reminds Everyone That it Makes Cameras by Killing Its Camera Division

We’ve all forgotten about those Casio compact cameras, and the reminder came in the announcement of them abandoning their camera products

If your first compact digital camera was a handy Casio EXILIM or even a Casio QV-10, you must be feeling somewhat nostalgic over the recent news of the company killing off its camera division. The rest of us, however, have most likely forgotten that Casio was even making cameras until they made the announcement.

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